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The prodigal stutterer returns…

September 3rd, 2009 9 comments

There’s been some interesting research of late, one of which I am quite excited about.  How the brain repairs stuttering seems to be written by people who truly get stuttering.  First off, they’ve defined stuttering as a neurodevelopmental disorder, which is a breath of fresh air.  They’re treating the pathology like a science..  Anyway–what I get from this article is that they seem to suggest that persistent stuttering is a double neural fault.  (1) There’s a fault in the (left) hemisphere; the (2) Right hemisphere tries to pick up the slack, but there may be a (3) fault in the corresponding area in the right hemisphere, so bodily attempts at self correction don’t work efficiently, and thus we stutter.  I’ve got the article on ILL, so I’m eagerly awaiting it’s arrival  to see if this hunch regarding their perspective is correct 🙂  Cheers all; hope to post more often 🙂

Update: A reader sent me the article…so my GA better get in gear.  (Yes, I am getting lazy).  Did a quick scan of my article, and it looks like my drive-by interpretation (above) was wrong.  Will read it more thoroughly later for a better review and reduction of the data 🙂

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