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Stuttering is Beautiful

Pam made a good post which I’d like to bounce off of.  In essence, someone told her that she had a beautiful stutter, and that concept resonated with her.  And I’ve been thinking something similar for quite some time.  The cultural collective unconscious says that stuttering is ugly.  So if we stutter, we are ugly.  And I’ve seen this unconscious belief time and time again.  And it hurts us, as a population and as individual people who stutter stutterers.

Let’s ditch this person-first terminology.  It’s very essence is to suggest that stuttering is undesirable.  Reject that notion.  Let’s start thinking about stuttering (i.e., the negative unfounded stuttering prejudice) as a social problem.  Malcom X can apply to us, as a people.  Seperate is not EqualBlack is Beautiful.

So I’m going to say it; Stuttering is beautiful.  Retrain the way you think, and free yourself to allow this to be your new reality.

Update:  I got back into a Malcom X kick; such a powerful thinker–a man who thought outside the box.  He rejected the current social views of the day as invalid, and proposed that (the African American community) define their roles on their own terms.  This YouTube video (albeit indirectly) applies to the stuttering population.  The general (fluent) population has written our role in society; we have the power to reject this role and re-write it for ourselves, on our terms.

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