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How can Malcom X help the stuttering community?

So I’ve been fixated on Malcom X today; I got through this about once a year.  I so wish I could have met this guy; his out-of-the-box extra-paradigmatic thinking is truly exceptional.

Take a moment and listen to this speech.  And try to meta-analyze it.  Don’t get caught up on the intended (race-relations) content (which is phenomeonal, by the way).  Instead–deconstruct it; think of this speech as an analogy of how people who stutter stutterers view ourselves:  You Can’t Hate the Roots Of A Tree.

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  1. Greg @ Stuttering.me
    March 10th, 2009 at 20:51 | #1

    I love it…Absolutely love it. In the first few minutes of this interview, Malcom X wipes the floor with this guy re: the “what is your ‘real’ or ‘legal’ surname?” discussion. Malcom gets it; the interviewer 100% does not.

    The interviewer is looking at it from w/in the majority paradigm of the time. (And the paradigm of that time, and maybe even now, did not get the African American experience.) Malcom talks about it from an experiential common sense extra-paradigmatic perspective. And once you ‘get’ this out-of-the-box perspective, this initial discussion becomes most hysterical.

    So look past the nation of islam talk. Look at it from how Malcom is thinking out of the box. My given surname does not exist. My real last name was stolen and is therefore unknown. Malcom is rejecting is ‘given’ surname, because it does not reflect his true reality.

    Similarly, should the stuttering population reject the negative stuttering prejudice that the mainstream culture attributes to us?

    Malcom X ‘gets’ it, and he’s trying to educate the interviewer. The interviewer either does not want to get it, or is incapable of getting it.



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