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Tax dollars used to fund cosmetic speech/voice treatment?

I don’t know why I find this interesting, or why my Canadian peoples didn’t fill me in on this story *ahem*… but apparently there’s a Canadian politician who spent some $4,500 (US) dollars for what sounds like speech/voice/diction/elocution training.  So she could learn to sound “less shrill”.  (Hillary should have followed suit; Ha! suit… pant-suit.)  In any event, stuttering enters the scene when a person who stutters stutterer posts that he’s considering running for office such that the nation could pay for his treatment as well.

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  1. Pamm
    March 28th, 2009 at 14:40 | #1

    I found this really interesting . . . . because recently there was quite a stink in our local media when people assumed that the mayor of a mid-size city in my area may have used tax dollars for his speech therapy.
    The mayor in question, who stutters and does not hide it, indeed went to an intensive therapy course in Virginia while in office, twice. His critics reported/whined that taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill. It was all over our local news for a while.
    Apparently, the mayor used some of the money he raised during his campaign to pay for the course, the rationale being that effective communication is indeed needed in his position. He had it categorized as something needed to maintain effective relations with his constituents. I believe he repaid the money after the big stink.
    He has since been re-elected, and does a great job. He stutters overtly during speaking engagements, and it does not interfere at all with his ability to get his point across. As a matter of fact, he is quite the role model.


    Greg @ Stuttering.me Reply:

    Wow–I’m actually quite floored. DM me the guy’s web-link; I’m interested to read more about him. My question isn’t about the cost so much as how he can effectively do his job while being out of the office at two intensive programs that are out-of-state. (There are 2 fluency-shaping programs in the great state of VA; I’m guessing it’s one of the two:)


  2. Pamm
    March 28th, 2009 at 16:09 | #2

    I sent you his name and recent video. There’s a lot of stuff going on in my area, as you’ll see on the vid!! 🙂


  3. Cricket
    March 30th, 2009 at 13:39 | #3

    Canadian politicians are famous for re-labelling their perks. (Not that good therapy is a perk, but should be paid through health insurance or party supporters, not money I expect to be used to run the country.


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