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On the importance of Stuttering Theory

I was really disturbed when I ran across this post on Tom’s blog from years ago.  A well respected stuttering researcher (whom I both like and respect) made the comment that “dubious practice to base treatment on any theory“.  I’ll respectfully and professionally disagree with that statement.  The theory is the road map, and the clinical application is the method of transport.  One has to have an idea of why they’re doing what they’re doing.  To suggest that one can perform clinical management of anything without a theoretical rationale behind feels like a non sequitur.  How would you know what to do if you’ve got no scientific rationale behind it?

Point being is that it’s crucial to have an understanding of what you (scientifically) choose to believe and why.  Because if the foundation of your understanding or perspective on a disorder is wrong, then everything else will fail right after it.

Which brings me to this research gem.  The premise is flawed, so it turns out to be one big fail.  The authors are making the assumption that a gender relationship in normals will carryover into a gender relationship in abnormals…  Bad idea folks; bad, bad idea…

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