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The Insidious Consequences of Covertness: Relating Emotional & Fiscal Debt

Read an interesting thread on ‘How far people have gone to avoid public speaking‘, which is a great segue for people’s ‘Deepest fear‘.  I used to (try and) covertly stutter myself, and I continue to see other stutterers (try and) stutter covertly (with varying degrees of “success”–however that’s measured).

The ultimate issue is this: The act of covert stuttering may (possibly) avoid immediate social punishment.  (Feels like a win, right?)  But by trying to avoid immediate social punishment, we begin to live life on borrowed time.  We try to live life in emotional debt.  And as time marches on, emotional debt builds up to the extent that it kills personal liberties and robs freedom of choice.  We keep feeding the fear with emotional debt, which ultimately kills the soul.

Which is why so much of stuttering is 100% antithetical.  Put yourself in a position to receive immediate social punishment.  Actively seek it out!  And in-so doing, you have a better shot at retaining your personal liberties, freedom of choice, and one’s self of dignity and self worth.  We can only live life by one set of rules–and it’s our choice to determine who authors these rules: stuttering or ourselves.

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  1. April 20th, 2009 at 11:34 | #1

    OMG, were we on the same wave length today or what? I posted something very similiar on my blog today, at quite possibly around the same time. Didn’t know you tried to stutter covertly. I know – painfully – the price that is paid.

    Wow, what’s the saying, “great minds . . . . . ”

    Will be curious what you think of what I wrote – so eerily similiar.


    Greg @ Stuttering.me Reply:

    Well–I was channeling you, so…

    Tomorrow, wear the blue one. 🙂


  2. April 20th, 2009 at 12:04 | #2

    Also, can’t resist, I notice you write “threat” instead of “thread”. I presume this was a typo, or was it an subconcious nod to the threat that covert stuttering can be . . . .


    Greg @ Stuttering.me Reply:

    Ha! No–just a goofy typo. I wish I could spell….


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