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On living with stuttering and quality of life

Steven on Stuttering has another great post–and on a topic that I’ve been trying to teach and preach for years now.  The premise is simple: living with stuttering exposes us to more than a fair share of societal evil.  This is a reality that is beyond our control.  But what is *in* our control is how we respond to it.  And clinging to bitterness and anger–feeding it as if it was a pet–ultimately punishes us, not the world.  The world does not care; it doesn’t even give us a second thought.  So why should we rent them space in our heads?  Why should we allow them (i.e., non-stuttering-friendly-society) to have power over us and our happiness.  Ultimately, the path towards our peace is forgiveness.  Forgiveness of stuttering, self, and others.

And on a related note, Make Room For The Stuttering makes the terrific post on how acceptance is the first step toward resolution.  And as a complete and random aside, some research suggests that the single biggest contributing factor of Quality of Life in western cultures is… personal/self acceptance!  Seeing a trend here?

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