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The incomprehensibility of stuttering pseudoscience

The misunderstood variable nature of stuttering, coupled with the hope of the stuttering people, makes stuttering an easy target for the snake oil vendors.  Exhibit A is “Neuro-Semantics”.  This perspective fits the distinguishing characteristics of pseudoscience to a “T”.  (Seriously, take the time to read up on pseudoscience and see for yourself!)  They oversimplify the condition, reject true scientific data, and appeal to one’s emotions.  (And in so doing, blame the stutterer for stuttering–yet again.  It’s the same template that we’ve seen for decades, just with new jazzy words that don’t mean anything–which,  by the way, is another hallmark sign of pseudoscience!)

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  1. Charlie
    April 29th, 2009 at 14:50 | #1

    I’ve been checking your blog about once a week now (this accounts for my delayed post to your April 24 topic. I checked out the snake oil link you provided and as I was reading it was struck by a familiar feeling, one that I’d had when I first read Benjamin Bogue’s book, “Stammering: It’s cause and cure,” 1927. Unfortunately, there was an eerie similarity. Thanks for the information! Charlie


    Greg @ Stuttering.me Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by! And when someone pulls out a reference from 1927, I always pay attention… I’ve got my own budding collection of early stuttering research, theory and dogma here in my office 🙂


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