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Freedom from stuttering, freedom to stutter, freedom to live life to its fullest

Slow (stuttering) news day today, but I would like to mention Danny’s great find on Daniel’s opening speech at the Special Olympics.  Should be required listening for all of mankind, as far as I’m concerned.  “Intelligence” is most definitely an under-defined (and subsequently misused) term; this speech had an amount of emotional intelligence that is rarely heard.  It’s defiantly worth your time.  Again–it is most definitely worth your time.

Secondly, I would like to just reiterate the concept on the power of personal freedom.  We have the freedom to determine our personal attitude, which gives us the freedom of personal choice, which leads us to the freedom of personal behavior.  Regardless of the stimulation, even in a most evil form, we have the power to choose our response.  Humanity is greater than an automated Stimulus>Response relationship relative to life and living.  However, we have to empower ourselves to believe in ourselves (and reject negative societal messages) to recognize and take advantage of our personal freedom of choosing what to believe and how we respond.  Suffice it to say that this process of self-becoming is neither short nor easy, but it is perhaps single greatest and most powerful aspect of living.

While some people may be able to exercise this personal freedom of choice/response solely on their own, this is where the self-help movement (and the subsequent mentorship therein) excels.  When people (such as stutterers) become a part of a group (such as Friends or the NSA), they become connected with others (refer to the linked podcast above), self-empower each other, and take advantage of the personal freedoms of attitude, choice, and behavior to live life to it’s fullest.  This stuttering forum thread is one such example…

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  1. April 27th, 2009 at 13:36 | #1

    Thanks for posting this. I left a comment on Danny’s page, and listened to the speech and left the young man a comment as well.

    Last year, I helped two individuals with Down syndrome do some public speaking. It was one for the most moving experiences of my life, and a dream come true for them. Every single one of us has gifts that make us special and unique.

    It was great to have a stutterer be a speech coach – we connected extremely well, and they continue to speak when they get the chance.

    Can you be sure to update my new blog site on any of yuor links? Thanks! Great find.



    Greg @ Stuttering.me Reply:

    Arg! I’ll do a quick search… (But why of why did you delete your old account? Just leave a redirect!)


    Pamm Reply:

    I am not as technically savvy as you, my friend. I think blogspot said I could restore before 90 days, so I might try to do that!



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