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Interesting post on stuttering by a PWS…

I ran across this site tonight by happenstance, and the blogger wrote a pretty interesting post describing his first run-in with the Travis and Orton “Theory of Cerebral Dominance” model. I guess the post stuck out to me because I became excited when I first thought (or was exposed) to the idea myself, so I feel as if I can relate to it one a personal level I guess.  (The theory was before it’s time, and not really testable w/ the technology of the day.  They were very right by looking at the brain for the etiology of stuttering…but unfortuantely, the world (and SLPs) decided to follow the easier / simpler Johnsonian “blame it on personal anxeity” model.  Perhaps the single biggest wrong-turn in the history of speech pathology.)  The blogger then goes on to describe the common belief that his stuttering may have been caused by an (admittedly) very traumatic event.

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