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Pam posts on ‘The Seeker and the Journey’

Pam makes a really great post here, describing how a simple quote changed her world perspective.  “The seeker embarks on a journey to find what he wants and discovers, along the way, what he needs.

The cool/funny thing is that I bet we (stutterers, if not people) all have this realization at some point.  Perhaps not in the same way or light, but a similar concept.  My moment of zen (so-to-speak) came as I was walking up the steps to my house in Takoma Park, MD.  Until that point, my life had meaning *after* the next rite of passage.  (Life will *really* start at HS graduation; no–college graduation; no–grad school graduation; no–PhD graduation; no–at my first real job; no–maybe at tenure.)  What I had failed to realize was that life had started since birth; I was just more or less in denial of it.  Further, time did not care whether or not I was appreciating every moment or every breath.  So from that point, I changed my perspective and began living now, while preparing for the future.

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