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Students’ perceptions of face-to-face pseudostuttering experience.

I’ll probably spend some time and read this article, although the abstract doesn’t indicate a paradigm shift anytime soon.  In any event, this is an activity that I impose on my students annually.  Some like about it, and ultimately cheat themselves out of a learning experience.  Others go into it with a bad attidude, only focus on how they’re being “dishonest by pretending to stutter”, and likewise–get nothing out of it.  Yet a handful, a few, go into it with the right perspective; to try and taste the pathology to better understand the lives, experiences and treatments of their clients.  And since a lot of existing reserach says that some 80% of SLP grad students hold negative unfounded stereotypes about stuttering and people who stutter stutterers, I’ve come to accept that getting 1 to 3 good ones out of every class can be a victory. (And since when did PMS get listed on PubMed?  It’s about time…)

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