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Pam’s post on perfectionism

Pam posts another post on her blog, where she discusses the role of perfectionism in her life.  These are her experiences, and are absolutely valid and pertinent relative to her life and living with stuttering.

But on a professinal note, the association between stuttering and perfectionism concerns me quite a bit.  There is at least one SLP (having a PhD, inexplicably) who is actually going around citing that ‘perfectionism’ is the root cause for stuttering.  (Her “reserach” consists of a 10 question survey; very rigorous indeed.)  The very dangerous facet of this pseudoscience is that it’s further supporting the prejudice that stuttering is, at its core, a psychological problem.  A character flaw within the person.  And nothing could be further from the truth.  No, a 10 question survey cannot solve the ‘mystery’ of stuttering, nor can it decipher causal relationships.  It’s just as easily possible that PWS score a survey a certain way *because* they have lived with stuttering.  In other words, because we (as a people) have gotten our tails beaten by society, we tend to try and push ourselves to perform to the best of our abilities.

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