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Another take on “I accept it but am not accepted.”

There was a moving (stuttering) blog post a while back, and I ran into this (stuttering) commentary on the post. No need for me to comment; the stuttering community already is.  This read is worth your time…

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  1. ig88sir
    March 3rd, 2009 at 22:00 | #1

    People do care if you stutter! Read this abstract:


    Self acceptance is not enough. I believe in being realistic. For example, I deal with my stuttering and so does my family and friends but that employer didn’t want to and didn’t hire me. I feel that I have to overcompensate in everything other than speech. Brad Pitt is a bright star while overt stutterers are black holes. Overt stuttering takes away from both sides of the conversation! A true phenomenon.
    When all is said and done we are still people with worth and feelings. People just have to be more PC and pick up our slack as we are the bottom of the social spectrum…


  2. Greg @ Stuttering.me
    March 4th, 2009 at 09:38 | #2

    I honestly appreciate your input and perspective, and what you write does reflect a good bit of reality. It just sounds like we diverge in our perspective of it.

    Society is not fair to stuttering by any stretch of the imagination. This is a reality. However, the more we obsess over this reality, the more power we are giving society over us. I’m not suggesting that we deny this reality, but I’m saying that by obsessing over it–we’re really just hurting ourselves.

    Let’s look at it from another perspective: That employer that didn’t hire you–would you have wanted to work for him anyway? Would you want to work in a stuttering-hostile environment? I’d suggest not. So in this sense, stuttering did reduce one’s opportunities–but life is what it is. And in this case, this was a bad opportunity–an opportunity for increased daily social punishment. Ok–I’ll pass.

    Everyone has things in which they personally struggle. And the successful people are those that can capitalize off of these areas and turn them into a positive.

    There are certain things in reality that we cannot change. But, we can always change how we perceive reality and how we function in reality. And since time in life is finite, and I want to be happy, I will choose to view reality from a positive light, and optimize my personal strengths and weaknesses w/in society to be in my favor. And these life choices, in turn, improve my quality of life.

    Hope this is making sense to you…


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