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News update on a $60k SLP Education: You can’t buy competency

I find this (real life) story to be most hysterical.  Last year, I worked w/ a client (kid) who stutters–and his stuttering presentation was pretty remarkable.  Very few (if any) “primary” stuttering behaviors (repetitions, prolongations, postural fixations), but a vast array of secondary stuttering behaviors.  So much so that other SLPs thought he didn’t stutter–but rather had developmental verbal apraxia.  Of course, I knew better…and so did the client.  So we worked diligently last year to strip away the secondaries and create a pure effortless stutter, thereby fostering effective communication.  I was unable to work with him this year.

But students of mine just stopped by to tell me that, with the help of his new SLP (graduated from a prestigious & esteemed private university, where master’s degrees cost over $60,000), he has “stopped stuttering” and is about to be dischanged from therapy.  The students also said that he had developed some “major tics”.  If you stutter or have any clue about stuttering, you’re laughing your butt off right now, while also feeling depressed at the professional malpractice that is currently taking place.

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