Baby steps toward peace

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(Note: This represents a work in progress.  Stuttering is perhaps the single most confusing thing out there, as its reality is almost the exact opposite of what it seems.  As a result, peace with stuttering almost becomes an act of deprogramming and reprogramming about how we feel and think of ourselves and stuttering.  Please be patient, as this site is still very much Alpha.  Come back later for a complete update.)

  • God made me, therefore I am not junk.  God has a unique purpose for my life and He wants me to fill it.
  • Stuttering is not my fault and it is not optional.  Stuttering isn’t my parents’ fault either.  Stuttering just is.
  • What I know about stuttering is probably based on what I have felt (or taught to feel as an early child) about stuttering.
  • Everything I think I know feel (or was taught to feel) about stuttering (and ultimately myself) is probably based on fiction.  Therefore, everything that I think I know about myself, my stuttering, and the cause of my stuttering is probably wrong.
  • Everything that mainstream society and pop-culture says about stuttering is probably wrong.
  • I need to learn the truth about stuttering. Stuttering is not bad, a sign of weakness, or necessarily debilitating.  Stuttering is not optional, a result of nervousness or anxiety, and it does not make me less of a person.  Anxiety is not the cause of stuttering; anxiety is the effect of stuttering–as society punishes stuttering (and the stutterer) from early childhood.  I am capable of anything that I dedicate my life to, and I deserve every right that is afforded anyone else.  I have a voice, and it is my right to be heard.
  • I need to discriminate stuttering truth from the stuttering fiction (stereotypes & prejudice).
  • I need to reassess everything I feel and think about stuttering and about myself. Everything.  Starting from my earliest memories of myself and my stuttering.  Since my thought/feeling foundation is based on beliefs and emotions that are probably wrong, I have to tear down and re-build my foundation brick by brick.
  • I need to learn to actively process and filter all stuttering related thoughts and feelings in real time.  No one can make me feel inferior without my permission.
  • I need to learn to accept myself, forgive myself, and ultimately forgive society for their ignorant prejudice.
  • When my heart (feelings) is in accordance with my head (thoughts), I have reached peace with stuttering.

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